Statistical Database on the Great East Japan Earthquake, Global Centre for Disaster Statistics, IRIDeS, Tohoku University.


Contents of“Statistical Database of the Great Ease Japan Earthquake”

The information (PDF format) in this database is configured as the chart data based on the statistics in the first page and the table described in detail in the chart in the latter page(s) (Fig.2).

In the first page, the chart, title, and source are written down to show the damage, recovery, and reconstruction concerning the Great East Japan.

In the latter page(s), the sources of the chart and its link are provided, and the detailed original data and its link are also provided.

Contents of data

Contents of data
Fig. 2 Contents of data

Lists of Storage Data

Lists of all storage data are available here.

Links of Japanese Statistics

This database also has links to the sites of statistical data that are useful to understand the situation of damage, recovery, and reconstruction concerning the Great East Japan Earthquake. If you would like to search them directly, you need to use this links.

Future Development

The Global Centre for Disaster Statistics is going to further expand statistical data on the Great East Japan Earthquake and data on other disasters in Japan.